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Our built-in messaging platform and makes it easy to keep in touch with your VA.

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We're a remote team of highly vetted, college-educated individuals with experience working in various industries.

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Avoid the hiring hassle and find the perfect talent in less than a day. Delegate one-off and recurring tasks immediately.

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"Elly saves me time so I can focus on my own product."

Robin, Co-founder of ManyRequests

No hiring headaches

Our team is filtered, hired, and trained in-house. Our vetting process includes skill, personality, and IQ assessments to match you with the best fit.

Replace at no cost

If you are unsatisfied with your assistant, or they are unable to work for any reason, we have a replacement trained and ready with no effort on your part.

Roll over your unused hours

Your unused hours for the previous month can be made up in the next. You get a bang for your buck and things stay fair on both ends!

I only have good things to say about my experience with Elly. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient! They provided me with a VA that is very friendly and easy to deal with and very knowledgeable with what I need. Helped me alot growing my business. You really get what you pay for!

Antonio Sietereales - CEO at AS7 OPC Metcon

I'm glad we've started working with Elly. Jessica, who was assigned to us, became a huge help to handle everyday routine at Awesomic.
She does a good job – she is quick and effective and she keeps me updated on the tasks every day.

Vera Hetman -

I had the big step of outsourcing a task for the first time, writing a content piece for one of my clients. [Elly] got the article written super fast, plus it was great quality. I think I spent all of 5 minutes localising it a tiny bit for my client.
Awesome job Ella and team!

Leonie Waldron - Chameleon Copywriting

The team at Elly has been fantastic in helping me create calm and focus on my priorities. From inbox management to logistical support, I know I can always rely on them to work more mindfully.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Founder of Ness Labs

Simple, transparent pricing.

Double-tiered rates for short and long-term tasks.

Daily Deals

Need one-off tasks done?


Up to 2 Hours

$29/2 hours
  • Any tasks
  • Fast turnaround
  • Short posts (500-700 words)


Up to 4 Hours

$59/4 hours
  • Any tasks
  • Fast turnaround
  • Long posts (700-1000 words)


Up to 8 Hours

  • Any tasks
  • One-day turnaround
  • 2 long posts or 4 short posts

Monthly Rates

Need recurring tasks?

Starts at

Get your dedicated assistant within 24 hours

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Work with the same VA every time
  • Personal onboarding by account manager
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  • Customize your own plan
  • Specialty virtual assistants
  • Work with the same VA(s) every time
  • Personal onboarding by account manager
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  • Full team of 6-7 assistants
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